Excursions to famous places


48.4 km round trip

Njegusi is a village located in Cetinje, in the area covered by the Lovcen Mountain. It is famous because it was the birthplace of the Petrovic dynasty, which ruled Montenegro from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th. This place is recognized as the home of Montenegrin national cuisine for its Njeguski cheese, Njeguski prosciutto and Njeguski steak, which is solely made in Montenegro. According to the latest data, Njegusi is the permanent home of 35 inhabitants.

Budva - Cetinje

107.6km round trip

Once a small and quiet coastal town, today, Budva is a metropolis of Montenegrin tourism and one of the loudest and most packed towns at the Montenegrin coast during the summer. Its life began on the headland two and a half millennia ago and has poured out of the ramparts towards luxurious yachts, new buildings, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where amazing fun awaits. Budva has its own Hawaii – an island opposite the city with beautiful beaches, ice cold refreshments and seafood specialties.

Cetinje is a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage. It scent with the architecture from 18th and 19th century that comes from rich greenery of this small city. Two of the most representative buildings are the Monasteries of Cetinje and Biljarda.

Sveti Stefan

63km round trip

The Island Sveti Stefan is today best known as a fashionable summer resort. With the sandy covering it is connected to the land, and such islands, which today are very rare, are called “tombolo”. A famous tribe Pastrovici, used this place in the past, more specifically through the XV century for the defense from the enemies, and today that place reminds us about that through the cannon openings and cannons that are kept as a memory and reminder of the past times. The interior of the town is made of curvy, narrow streets. We also have picturesque squares, 3 churches, and the hotel sweets are found in the elegant houses made in the Mediterranean style.

Skadar lake National park

163.6km round trip

The lake is located in Zeta – Skadar valley and is surrounded by mountains, and it’s 7 km away from Adriatic Sea. Two Thirds of Skadar Lake is in Montenegro and the rest is in Albania. It’s extremely famous for its diversity of flora and fauna. Lake itself is unusual for mutual vicinity of different living areas and their chain of feeding. Lake Skadar is also culturally significant to Montenegro and there have been people living here for centuries – as you can see by the stone ruins all around the area. It’s been the seat of rulers and a hotbed of conflict since the Ottoman Turks invaded.

National park Durmitor

332km round trip

The Park is located at wide mountain region in the northwestern part of Montenegro, surrounded by rivers Piva and Tara and there are 23 mountain tops over 2300 meters of altitude. Durmitor’s region is the most important part of Dinara mountain range, characterized by high peaks, abundant forests and deep gorges. Canyon of Tara is the largest in Europe and has over 1500 kinds of flora and 130 kinds of birds. There are 17 glacier lakes in the Park and the highest top is Bobotov kuk (2522 m).

National park  Biogradska gora

356km round trip

Pearl of European natural heritage. Today almost the only European rainforest, which surround the fantastic Beiogradkso Lake, is located at just a few kilometers away from Kolasin. For a long time under the protection of rulers of these areas, for the National Park Biogradska gora people say that not a single tree has been cut in it. Today, this natural reservation preserves dozens of plant and hundreds of animal species, which can only be found in this place in entire Europe. Basic elements of the Park are: untouched forest with trees over five hundreds of years old, large mountain slopes and tops, glacier lakes at altitude of 1820 meters and easy accessible Lake located at very entrance to the Park.