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Frequently asked questions

If you remain on the bus, the tour lasts one hour and 10 minutes. However, if you decide to disembark, a new bus arrives approximately every 20-25 minutes.

The tour includes three stops: the charming old town Perast, the scenic Bajova kula beach, and the historic old town of Kotor.

Departures always originate from the port of Kotor, as we maintain close collaboration with cruise ships. If you are not arriving via a cruise ship, the departure is in front of the port gate. We are finishing our trip also in the port of Kotor.

Your ticket includes admission to the Maritime Museum on first stop Perast, free entrance to Bajova kula beach, as well as guided walking tour led by our professional tour guide within the historic old town of Kotor.

The meeting point is in front of the main entrance to the old town, right by the tourist information kiosk. Details regarding the starting time of the walking tour will be provided by hostess on the bus. Duration of the walking tour is 35-40 minutes.

Great experience on tour

Enjoyable tour

The open top bus rides along the Montenegro coast with a stop at a beach, and a lovely village Perast.

Hop-of Hop-off

Get off and explore each one as much as You want and get back on the vehicle at any of the available stops

Unforgettable memories

You will enjoy beautiful landscape and have the opportunity to take amazing photos

Multilingual audio guide

You will not only see, but will also hear the ancient history of Boka Bay!

Places to Hop-on Hop-Off

Open top buses constantly circulate between the designated stops Kotor-Perast-Bajova Kula-Kotor.
You can get off at any stop, and later continue Your tour by boarding one of the following buses.


KOTOR, a city of tradesmen and famous seamen. The Old Town of Kotor represents one of the best preserved medieval urban settlements built between the 12th and the 14th century. Its medieval architecture and numerous monuments ensured Kotor a place in the list of UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. Among the numerous narrow streets and town squares, Kotor is home to medieval palaces, churches, and the cathedral of St. Tryphon (Tripun), a monument of Roman culture and one of the most prominent symbols of the town.


In the centre of the Drazin Vrt village, there is a tower called Bajova Kula (The Tower of Bajo), named after the legendary local hero named Bajo Pivljanin, who erected the tower as a place where he would rest between numerous battles he took part in. It was built in 1670, and it represents a great cultural and historical asset. The location is still popular up to date, as a picnic and relaxation area for the local populous. Under the tower, there is a 60 meters long pebble beach with crystal-clear sea water, surrounded by laurel trees, whose pleasant scent completes the sunbathing and swimming experience. There is a restaurant and a cocktail bar at the beach.


PERAST is a marvellous little coastal town, whose architecture will swiftly take you to medieval times. Perast is one of the most peculiar and loveliest places of Boka Bay. Its narrow streets and numerous Renaissance and Baroque palaces testify of Boka and its inhabitants’ wealth and luxurious lifestyle from a time long gone. Also famous for its seamen- known captains and admirals, whose stone residences and palaces can be seen today.


After completing the bus tour, it's time to dive deeper into the rich history and beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Lace up your walking shoes, and let's embark on a fascinating journey through time.

Our walking tour inside the Old Town will take approximately 35-40 minutes, allowing us to explore the maze-like streets, hidden squares, and architectural wonders that make Kotor so enchanting. As we stroll through the narrow cobblestone lanes, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time.

At the stop of Perast, you can change to a boat (fee not included) that sails to the OUR LADY OF THE ROCK ISLAND and ISLAND OF ST.GEORGE


OUR LADY OF THE ROCKS ISLAND is an artificial island, according to local folklore created on the place where local fishermen found an icon of Holy Mother holding the baby Jesus. The story tells that two brothers from Perast found the icon on the rocks after a shipwreck, and vowed to build a church dedicated to it. More rocks were freighted and dropped on this location, and a small church was built on the artificial island in 1630. Although vow fulfilled, local fishermen never stopped bringing rocks and dropping them around the island, caring for a tradition that survived up to date.


ISLAND OF ST.GEORGE or as it is also called- the island of dead captains, home to the church of St. George and numerous graves of members of prominent local families of old. A peculiar folklore tale is tied to this island- a story of an occupying French soldier, despite being in love with a local girl, still fired his cannon towards the city, killing the woman he loved. The island is also known as an inspiration for the masterpiece “Isle of the Dead” by Swiss painter Böcklin.


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  • We got the tour at the quay side just after getting off the tender from our cruise ship. Got the tickets at the terminal building for €20 each. 

  • Very nice scenic bus tour. Scenic bus tour round kotor bay which only runs on cruise ship days, so check that it is running if you are not on a cruise.The 2 man crew are very informative about the bay, I now know that they farm muscles.

  • Great Way to venture out of Kotor in a day!

    We visited Kotor in a Cruise last July and wanted to venture out of the Old Town to see the picturesque Boka bay towns. This tour proved to be very efficient and affordable.